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Premium Stacks

SOLD OUT for this season.

36 Bundles of 300mm length KnottyBlocks

10 kg per bundle

360kg per stack

Stack size 900(w)x900(d)x930(h) incl pallet 120(h)

Economy Stacks 

SOLD OUT for this season

Original Stacks

SOLD  OUT for this season

Unbundled Stack,  Forklift delivery

All blocks are 300mm long

370 kg per stack

Stack size
810(w)x900(d)x1065(h) incl Pallet

Comparable to over 2 m³ of split thrown firewood. Its great wood at a great price

WINZ Approved

We are registered with WINZ.  Talk to us about a quote or  refer your case manager to our website.

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