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Hi Guys, " What a great company to deal with: 1. Excellent communication that's fast and efficient. 2. Orders taken from the phone 3. Delivery exactly on time and placed exactly where you want it. 4. Friendly staff who make you welcome as a customer 5. Excellent product that's neatly stacked. 6. I would highly recommend them for your winter firewood". - STEVE, NORTH SHORE AUCKLAND (May 2019) 

"Excellent product and super efficient company to deal with. I love not having to stack my firewood and how I can get dry wood any time of the year" - SHAUN, WAIKATO

"Just wanted to say a HUGE thanks to you and the Handystacks team for the delivery of my amazing clean, dry firewood - what a relief to have it!! Its been an absolute life-saver and enables me to use the larger (not-so-dry) pieces of firewood that are left in the woodshed at this time of the year. Fantastic service, great product, easy delivery, no complications, highly recommend. Hope you haven't been too swamped with orders. I look forward to dealing with you again." SANDY, WELLINGTON

"Highly professional and friendly team with a fantastic product. Our winter has just become unbelievably easy" - SALLY STERRITT, WAIKATO

"The wood you delivered is fabulous and the best we have ever had. I am sure we will be ordering more before the end of winter" - DAVID, WELLINGTON

"We just got our wood delivered bang on time by Harry. Positioned perfectly in the garage, by far the superior way of getting firewood.  No muss, no fuss. Thanks, will be in touch once this lot runs out" - CARA, WELLINGTON

"We have just received our wood, delivered up our steep driveway. Thank you so much, I have never been so happy to get firewood as I don't have to stack it, and I could watch your awesome 4x4 forklift easily manoeuver up our drive. Friendly, timely and easy" - JADE, WELLINGTON

"Great delivery by Harry. He introduced himself, had a look then brought the stack right into the corner of my garage where it will stay dry and very easy to access, even left room for the garden implements. Great service" - SIMEON, WELLINGTON

"I'm not a lazy guy but getting firewood the traditional way is the biggest pain in the A%$#, this is by far the best way I have ever found to do it. Many thanks and keep up the good work." TIM, HAWKES BAY

"I thought I would drop you a line about how impressed I have been with both your product and service. A couple of weeks back I ordered a stack of wood.  It arrived when you said and was efficiently delivered into my garage. Such a change from having thrown wood dumped in a heap on my driveway and my having to shift and stack it. And clean up all the chips and dust leftover. Your wood is easy to carry into the house and burns well. So thanks. I can't think of any other way I'll be buying my firewood in the future". BOB, WELLINGTON


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